Environmental Health

Today I went out into the community with one of the environmental health civil engineers to see how water is delivered to homes in Kayenta and also how waste water is treated. It was a pretty cool experience, because it was something different than what we normally get to do. First we went out to where the water is treated. He showed us the different areas that the water flowed through to go through the various stages of treatment. Then we went out to where they built a new water tank that will soon deliver water to many nearby homes that currently do not have running water. They are very exciting to soon have running water! Sarah and I also had the chance to climb the 25 foot water tank which was pretty high for me since I don’t really like heights. Haha It was also extremely windy which you all know is my number one fear. Lol Sarah climbed up and then I decided to face my fears and just do it. It was actually really cool because from the top you had an amazing view of Monument Valley and the houses spread out over the land. After that, we went over to see where the new pump for the well was being built and the construction people were working on it. He told us that to run electricity all the way out to where it was located cost a quarter of a million dollars. Running water is something many of us take for granted but for some of the people out here it’s a reality for them to haul their water from somewhere else every single day. We had a pretty short day today so we spent the rest of it working on our community assessment. We’re almost finished with it and it’ll be nice to have that done. We also wrote thank yous to everyone that has worked with us and made us feel welcome while we’ve been here. I can’t believe that we only have a few days left on the reservation. I’m really sad that it’s almost over because it’s been such an amazing experience, but I’m also starting to miss all of you! Tomorrow I’ll be making home visits with one of the public health nurses and then attending another Just Move It walk at Monument Valley tomorrow night. This walk is supposed to be one of the largest and most gorgeous so I’m really excited. πŸ™‚

I also added a picture of some of the Navajo rugs that were for sale this weekend. They were so beautiful! Ranging in price from 300 dollars to many thousands of dollars!





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