It’s Been 2.5 Years?!

It’s clear that I have been absent from WordPress for a very long time now. 2 1/2 years to be exact! While it seems like I wrote my last post just yesterday during the midst of Covid, it also feels like a lifetime ago. So much has changed since June of 2020. I have traveled to many different places all over the US, started a headband business, married the love of my life after 10 years together, and gave birth to our sweet son, Brooks, just eight weeks ago. Unfortunately during this time, we lost one of our sweet pups, Pearl, to cancer, but also had the privilege of rescuing another dachshund baby, Harley, to love. As life goes, there have been many highs and many lows during this 2.5 years. But as far as the low points in life go, every trial, tribulation and heartbreak I have endured has made me a stronger individual and there’s a reason that every little thing happens the way that it does. I am so thankful for this season of life that we are in and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s worth noting that happiness does not mean everything in my life is perfect. Having a new baby is one of the most wonderful feelings in the whole world, even though I’m often more tired than I’ve ever been, unable to accomplish much around the house most days, and being on maternity leave has me hating that I’m not contributing financially (although my husband is blessed with a wonderful job, our home is paid for, and he is more than happy to provide for us, I’ve just always been someone who likes to work and make money). And while I like to work and receive a paycheck, I’m also dreading when my maternity leave is over and I have to leave my little man and return to the madness that is medical surgical nursing at a level II trauma center. However, I am very blessed to be able to significantly decrease my hours and only return PRN. Where I work, PRN has a requirement of one shift every 2 week pay period with the option to work more if you like. While I still have financial goals, I also don’t want to miss one second of my son growing up because I know it goes fast based on what all of my friends and family have told me. I already can’t believe Brooks will be two months old in a few days. I feel like we just brought that teeny tiny little baby home from the hospital. Although, I am super excited for the future to be able to share lots of adventures and camping trips with him. 💙

That’s a quick and dirty life update of the past 2 1/2 years. I would really love to consistently blog on here, if for nothing else than for me to look back on in years to come, but I’ve said that before and time gets away from me like it does for all of us. This blog has predominantly been travel related in the past, but since becoming a mama and the world being in the condition it’s in with all of the illnesses, we have been/will be traveling far less than we use to. I will still be writing about travel, particularly all of the trips we’ve taken since I last wrote. However, future posts will also include daily life content such as home improvements, navigating life with a child, and maybe even some cloth diaper content because people always seem to have questions about that and I’m super passionate about anything that involves more environmentally friendly options.

Be back soon (hopefully)! Thanks for reading and happy new year! 💙 Sarah

Photo by Ashlen Wolfram Photography (Instagram

*** I also have a YouTube channel, Vaughn_derlust, where I vlog some of our trips! My friend and I hiked the entire Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in May/June of ‘21 if anyone is interested in watching!

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