Desperate for Sleep with a Newborn Baby?! Try this! 😱👶🏻

I’m sure anyone that’s pregnant, trying to get pregnant, just had a baby, or knows someone with a baby, has heard of the SNOO and how amazing it is. And I’m also sure they’ve heard about the price tag that goes along with it. Most places sell it for a little under $2000. It rocks and plays white noise to get your baby to sleep quicker and help them to sleep longer. I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends and from Instagram influencers. Some babies love it and some babies hate it, which it seems is the case with any infant product. There are so many bassinets to choose from and it’s so difficult to pick one because you have no idea what your baby is going to like. And none of them are cheap.

I looked at quite a few on Amazon and BuyBuy Baby, read what felt like a thousand reviews and finally decided to go with the Graco Sense2Snooze. I registered for it and was fortunate enough to have my aunt and cousins purchase it for us! 😄

The amazing thing about this bassinet, unlike most is that it has “cry detection technology”. This means that it can HEAR your baby crying and start rocking, vibrating, playing white noise, music or nature sounds to soothe them back to sleep! 😱 The SNOO also does this, which is why so many people love it. However, when I read all of the features of both, it seems to me like the Graco has more options. Accept for one feature the SNOO has that would probably be an added benefit, and that is the transition feature for when you are ready to start transitioning your baby from bassinet to crib. It turns the motion and sound off once the baby is calm, so that they start to become ready for sleeping in a crib.

My son is now 3 months old and he has been sleeping through the night for about two weeks, which has been super amazing!! He didn’t immediately love sleeping in the bassinet however. It took a couple weeks of short naps during the day and small sleep sessions at night to get him use to sleeping in it. But now he LOVES it! He starts to get fussy around his bed time and I lay him down in his bassinet tired but still awake and he is sound asleep within 5-10 minutes. I use the rocking and vibrating features.

You can either use the Graco preset or you can create your own preset for what features your baby prefers and that’s what will turn on when it senses your baby crying. I thought that I’d use that feature a lot more but I really don’t because I have a very content baby (thank god!) and he usually only cries when he’s wet or hungry. So I really don’t have a need for the bassinet to soothe him if he’s crying, because he usually needs something from me. But if you have a very fussy baby that cries alot or doesn’t sleep well, this bassinet would be perfect!

I will say, the mattress in it is a little thin and doesn’t seem to be waterproof. Nor does it have the softest sheet, but it is removable and washable which is a plus. I ended up purchasing from Amazon, mattress protectors and sheets for it just because I felt like I was always washing it between spit ups and diaper leaks. The mattress protectors give it a little more cushion and the sheets make it a lot softer. The sheets are soooo soft! I actually registered for the crib sheets of that brand and they were the nicest, softest crib sheets out of all the different brands we received so that’s why I chose the same bassinet sheets.

We all know when your baby sleeps better, you sleep better and everyone is a lot happier the next day. 😂 The Graco Sense2Snooze is less than $350 on Amazon, compared to almost $2000 for the SNOO!

If you’re interested in seeing and hearing more about it, check out my video review on YouTube! 😄

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