Happy 2023!

Happy New Year everyone! We had an extremely wild night last night. My husband smoked a massive brisket Friday for us to have with cornbread and rice. Well just like we always do we decided to pregame with some Buffalo chicken dip and ate way too much along with some delicious baked apple strudels that my husband found at Aldi, which were way larger than we anticipated and probably should have shared. So we ended up being too full for the nice dinner he planned of course. We finally sat down on the couch to watch the Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton New Years Eve special on Peacock and our terrible internet wouldn’t work. We tried multiple times until we finally gave up and watched Two and a Half Men on DVD. 🤦🏼‍♀️ My husband and little man ended up falling asleep so I tried the internet one more time with no success until I realized I could probably download the Peacock app on my phone and watch it. This was about 45 minutes until the ball dropped EST, even though we live in CST. That worked so I started watching some terrible performance and almost immediately fell asleep. I woke up on the couch right before midnight CST and said we missed it! My husband informed me that it wasn’t midnight yet but I was too tired to comprehend so I took the baby and headed for a diaper change and bed while my husband took the pups out. Somewhere in that little bit of time I finally realized it wasn’t the new year yet. So when my husband came back in from outside we looked at the kitchen clocks, one on the microwave and one on the oven, one reading 11:58 and the other reading 11:53. With no idea what time was accurate we looked at our phones and waited until midnight while I was nursing Brooks and then told each other happy New Year, listened to the neighborhood fireworks, and went to bed. Probably the most uneventful New Years of our lives, but I guess pretty expected when you have a newborn. The exhaustion is real and when you get warm and comfortable, there’s no fighting it. I was super sad to have missed the ball drop, because it’s become a constant every year signifying the end of the old and the beginning of the new. However, what a wonderful year it’s been welcoming a new life and I can’t wait to see what the new year holds. I hope you all had a wonderful, safe evening! Blessings for the new year ahead.

☮️ Sarah