Lactation Tea 🍵 🥛

If you’re a nursing mama like me and looking for an easy way to increase your milk supply, check out this organic Mother’s Milk tea!! I found it at Meijer and figured I would give it a try since it was an organic and fairly inexpensive option. I was shocked by how amazing it worked for me.

My milk supply has started to regulate since I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. I was doing pretty good at pumping in the beginning so that I’d have a frozen supply for when I returned to work but as the days went on I got lazy about pumping amidst all the other things I needed to get done in a day with a newborn. So when the end of my maternity leave was nearing, I tried to pump more and wasn’t getting very much after I fed little man.

So I started drinking this tea once a day and I couldn’t believe how much it helped my supply (and I wasn’t even super consistent). It doesn’t have a super great taste, but it isn’t terrible either. Like the box says it’s “sweet with a distinct licorice taste”. So I guess if you absolutely hate licorice then I probably wouldn’t try it. 😂

But drinking this tea, combined with increasing my water intake has really helped if you’re looking for something easy and inexpensive to try.

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Bonus! I loooove the attention to the care of the environment! ☺️ 🌎

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