Home Visits and Just Move It Walk

Today I made home visits with one of the public health nurses. She covers a huge area of the reservation; about an hour in every direction. The first home visit was a postpartum visit to check on mother and baby. It was awesome to see some of the things that are done as far as caring for a baby on the reservation. Babies are placed in something called a cradle board to sleep. They are swaddled on the board to help them feel more secure and also to protect them while they sleep. I didn’t get a picture of one but you could google it or I’ll post one eventually. Then we attempted to make another postpartum visit but the mother said that she and the baby were doing fine and that they didn’t need to be assessed. Finally our third visit was suppose to be to change a Foley catheter so we drove waaaay out into the middle of nowhere with only dirt paths and finally arrived at the house only to find that no one was home. Home visits out here can be very frustrating because some people do not see the importance of keeping appointments or may simply ask you to come back later. Well when each visit is an hour away from the next, it starts to become very difficult. However, this meant that we had a lot of time in the car to ask the nurse many questions about her job, the reservation, and the Navajo in general. She is a Navajo herself and so we were able to learn a lot from her. I really enjoyed the experience. When we arrived back to the compound we headed home and got ready for the Just Move It walk in Halchita, Utah. This walk was 3 miles and we once again helped set up and take everything down. We cut up fruit for before and after the walk and volunteered as safety monitors. Quite a few people showed up for the walk and it was once again beautiful scenery. Apparently the little town of Halchita is sort of a forgotten town. It’s down in the valley between mountains and not many people pass through there. It’s been great to have the opportunity to visit all of these little neighboring towns rather than staying on the compound the whole time. It was another great day on the reservation and I absolutely love it out here. This trip has made me consider travel nursing more and more so we’ll see what the future holds!




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