Today was our orientation day for the Indian Health Service! We started our morning at the Public Health Nursing trailer where we were able to meet a lot of wonderful people that we will be working with. We had HIPAA training and talked with the lady in charge of infection control. We were also able to get our IDs made today. We also spent some time driving around Kayenta and taking pictures for the presentation that we will give at the end of our time here. We were specifically looking at community resources, housing, schools, and many other things. Kayenta is working on building a new hospital and we were able to drive out there to see it. When finished, it will house all of the outpatient clinics and have about 11 inpatient beds. How very different from our hospitals! There is definitely a different mindset about time out here. Nothing is hurried and things get done whenever they get done. The estimated date for completion of the hospital was in 2009 and now it is currently late summer 2014. Crazy! Another big factor for them is lack of funding which makes things even more complicated. The location, however, is gorgeous! On our way back home we stopped at a little flea market alongside the road. There was various things to purchase; mostly dvds and some clothing. There was one particular stand that we found serving snow cones. They had a table set up with all the flavors and a little machine with a crank on it. They were only a dollar and when we chose our flavors he pulled a brick of ice out of a cooler and used the little machine to freshly shave the ice. It was really neat and so good on a hot day. I had pink lemonade and piรฑa colada and Audrey had something called Tiger’s Blood, which we still aren’t sure what flavor it was. Haha. After a long day, we had a wonderful dinner that our professor made for us and then enjoyed the beautiful sunset in our backyard. Tomorrow I will be heading to Inscription House, which is about an hour away, to spend half of my day with a Certified Diabetes Educator and the other half with a Registered Dietitian. I am so excited to have this opportunity, especially with my background in dietetics! We will be leaving at 7 am and returning about 5:30 pm. Then we are going to head to a place near Monument Valley to participate in a walk at 6. I’m not sure about all the details yet but I’ll post tomorrow night about how it went. Well, it’s going to be a very long day for me tomorrow so I’m going to bed. Goodnight!





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