Monument Valley

Today has been amazing! We met at CJ’s house this morning and drove into Utah to sightsee. We went to a number of different stunningly beautiful places. One of the places that we went was Moki Dugway. To get there involves taking an extremely narrow road where you can look out the window and see straight down a few hundred feet without guardrails. Oh and it’s a dirt road! It was one of the scariest, most beautiful drives I’ve ever taken. It was completely worth it to see the view at the top. Next we headed to Monument Valley. We ate lunch at The View which is a restaurant with huge glass windows overlooking the rock formations. We all tried the famous Navajo Taco which is a huge piece of fry bread with all the toppings for a taco. It was delicious! Then we headed to see all the rock formations out there. We drove and got in and out of the vehicle all day to take pictures and just enjoy the gorgeous view. It’s a dirt road throughout and it’s extremely winding and bumpy. A couple of us hit our heads on the ceiling on a few occasions. Haha. We just got back a little while ago and we are all extremely exhausted. I am so thankful that we had today to sightsee and have CJ as a tour guide to show us all of the beautiful things out here. Seeing Arizona and Utah is an absolute must in your life. Pictures and words can’t even capture a fraction of the beauty that you see in person. Today was a constant and wonderful reminder of our awesome Creator who loves us enough to give us this beautiful world to live in. Tomorrow we have orientation and start work at the public health nursing clinic. I can’t wait for what’s next and I appreciate all of you following my adventure! ❀

P.S. The third picture down shows a traditional Navajo home known as a Hogan. The door always faces the East toward the rising sun and you must walk around the inside of them clockwise. Just an interesting fact!






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