We are finally here after a full day of traveling!! It’s very beautiful but extremely deserted. It’s actually pretty sad to see the conditions in which some people live. We are staying on the medical compound with other healthcare providers. We are staying in one of the trailers near the hospital. We are very lucky that we are all able to stay together because there was a chance that we would all be split up. After we unloaded our luggage and put our groceries away we walked down the street to see where our professor was staying and also to meet the woman who has been coordinating this trip for us on this end. It’s been a very long day and we’re getting ready for tomorrows adventure. We will be heading to Monument Valley and various other places to sightsee before we begin work on Monday. I can’t wait and I am feeling extremely blessed to be out here and have this opportunity. Goodnight everyone! Thanks for reading!




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