Getting Ready To Leave

Well, I’m leaving West Lafayette in 5 hours so naturally I’m still awake finishing up packing.  I’ve been trying to pack for the past two days.  It’s been difficult, because this trip is two weeks long and I’m not exactly sure what all I will need.  I had initially planned on taking only carry on….yeah right.  That idea faded quickly when I started gathering everything that I needed.  I ended up with a medium sized suitcase and a carry on…not to bad I guess.  It’s suppose to be hot during the day and cool at night so we’ll see how well I get by with what I packed.  haha  I just want to say thank you to Aunt Lynda, Grandma Ruthie, and especially my Mom and Dad for supporting me financially on this trip.  I love you all so much!  Thank you to the rest of you for your prayers and support.  🙂  Anyway, since I have to get up in just a couple of hours I’m going to bed but I will be updating tomorrow as we travel.  Goodnight!

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